Custom Glass Prints


Starting at $65 per square foot, this exciting new product is on a per-quote basis, so don’t hesitate to contact us for more information!

By laminating prints directly onto glass, images can now be built into windows, countertops, tables, lamps, doors, or anywhere you can imagine.

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With the current quality of digital printing being so high, it is a natural next step to incorporate these images into a glass laminate. Suddenly a door or window is more than just colourful glass, it can also include images of people or logos, outdoor scenes or waterfalls. The range is limited only by your imagination.

We are currently working on laminating seamless digital images up to 54″ wide and up to 100″ tall in glass. Imagine a shower door with a full-size, full-colour image.

Due to the transparent nature of glass (as compared to paper), these images have an ethereal quality, and viewing them is greatly affected by ambient lighting and their surroundings. They are not static, like conventional photographs, but ever-changing and always fresh.

Images can now be built into windows, countertops, tables, lamps, doors… the possibilities are boundless. Contact us today to discuss your project.